About Me

Hello! My name is Joe and I'm a Web Designer.

My full name is Joseph Walter Colby – I’m a Maine web designer and developer from the beautiful state of Maine.

First, a little bit about where I’m coming from – I first fell in love with coding when I was in High School after taking a C++ programing class that my school offered. Mesmerized with how I could manipulate computers and make them do what I wanted them to do, I started dabbling around computer parts and built my own custom PC and later took a class in programming Cisco Routers. I also took classes in woodworking, welding, and computer aided drafting at my high school because of how hands on those courses were and my love for building things, whether it be on a computer or in the tangible world. This lead me to the decision go to college for Computer Science at the University of Maine, and shortly after switch majors to New Media. In New Media, I liked that not only were we learning to use different computer languages and a plethora of technologies, we were also learning how to design as well, and I enjoyed that visual aspect of it. Through the program, I came across my first web design course – from then on out I was intrigued by web design and wanted to learn more. I think the part that intrigued me the most, was the audience of people that you could reach through it. Your audience wasn’t limited to the people in the same room as you, but had the potential to be global. I found that exciting and decided that a large part of my life would be dedicated to web design. Shortly after that realization, I transferred to Full Sail University’s Web Design and Development Program, in Florida, so that I could solely focus on Web Design. Through that I gained knowledge in Web Standards, Best Practices, and other coding essentials that pertain to the field. I loved the fast pace of the school.

I love learning! That being said, I am currently learning and working with Sass to make web projects more maintainable. Some other technologies I’ve been learning about more recently are: Responsive Design, Web Typography, using Grunt to automate my development, working GIT into my workflow, and WordPress. I also like to learn about travel, tea, cooking/food, tiny house living, the nomadic lifestyle, along with many other topics that fascinate me. I’m also a husband of my wonderful wife Carrie, and love spending time with family (I married into 11 nieces and nephews). I’m a Mainer at heart and can enjoy the peace and quiet of the Maine woods and eating those wonderful little red creatures: lobsters — possibly alongside a lobsterman if I’m visiting one of my good friends.

I’ve recently moved back to Maine to take a personal sabbatical and spend some time with my wife Carrie before we welcome our son Walter into this world, and to continue to learn and grow as a web designer on my own.

Prior to leaving, I lived in Waltham, MA and worked for MEDITECH, as a senior web & graphics designer, where I worked alongside a graphics and web team handling part of their web presence and marketing materials.


Please feel free to reach out to me via email at joseph.w.colby@gmail.com or on twitter at @josephcolby.