Quick guide to brewing Pu-erh tea

The intentions of this post is to cut out all of the history, health benefits, etc.. to give an easy and simple quick start guide on how to brew your Pu-erh tea. I’m not a master at brewing tea, but this is what I’ve gathered:

How much tea to use:

4 – 6 teaspoons or 4-6 grams of tea per 6oz of water

Temperature of the water for brewing tea:

Boiling water or 195-212°F or 90-100°C

Preparing the tea:

  1. Break the tea apart. This is so that you get a more evenly steep.
  2. Rinse the tea. This consists of covering the tea with your hot water and then discarding the water.
  3. Steep for 25 seconds(or less depending on your preference and tea strength) for the first cup of tea. You can re-steep your tea additional times(some suggest up to 4+) each time increasing your steep time by 5-10 seconds (Ex: 1st steep = 25 seconds, 2nd = 30-35 seconds, etc…).
  4. Drink!

Have any suggestions for brewing Pu-erh tea? Please leave me a message.