What I’m doing now

Current Activities

I’m currently living in Maine building my skill set and working as a freelancer. As of November 2016, my wife and I became parents to our son Walter(named after his grandfather) and have been growing in completely new ways as we raise him.  It feels like we learn something new every day.

Lately, I’ve been spending time working with:

  • WordPress – for content management.
  • WooCommerce – as an eCommerce solution.
  • Sass – for making more maintainable stylesheets.
  • Git – version control for my code.
  • Javascript – for enhancing user interfaces and interactions.
  • Gulp – for automating my development.

I’ve also been learning how to use Propresenter 6 to help create better presentations for the church I attend. I recently built a new PC(I also use Macs), so I’ve been learning more about PC setups to get the most power out of the programs I use. Currently, I’m using  MkDocs for creating documentation to refer to for my small business.

When not working, our family has been trying to see parts of Maine that we haven’t visited yet, reading, and watching movies.  I’m highly interested in movie making and the different parts and pieces that make it a reality.

**Updated 2.23.2018