Pine Tree Country Quilts

Project Walkthrough

An Overview

Pine Tree Country Quilts is a two person operation based in Maine.

In recent years, a bulk of their operations has shifted to selling wholesale quilting patterns to other quilting shops and fabric distributors.  There has also been an increased need to sell digital patterns due to increasing shipping costs and a global market.

With just under half of their audience viewing their site on a mobile device, this is a major issue that needs to be addressed in their future website solution.



Responsive Website Re-Design
Payment Gateway Implementation


The Challenge

Sue and Sandy have had a large increase of wholesale orders to fulfill for their quilt patterns, and an increased need for a way to sell digital versions of those patterns.


We started off with a meeting on what they would like to accomplish and what their pain points are.  We discussed where they're spending a large part of time and improvements to be made.  A budget was discussed.  We also went over customers pain points, such as the checkout process.

Sue and Sandy have tons of knowledge of their customers, so that has been one of the largest benefits for gaining insight into their needs.

  • Budget
  • Current Pain Points (customers & theirs)
  • Areas of Improvement
  • Timeline
  • Access to Accounts/Logins
  • Their IP Addresses for Filtering out of the Analytic Data


Visting on a Mobile Device
Visting Patterns & Quilt Kit Pages
Customers are from Outside of the United States

After looking at their analytics, I discovered that 47% of customers where browsing their site with a mobile device.  With their current site being fixed-width, this left a huge area of improvement to be made to help potential customers.  Also, through this discovery stage, we found out that customers are mainly looking for Patterns and Quilt Kits when visiting the site, helping us prioritize content.


My goal is to automate digital downloads, find a wholesale solution fitting for them, responsive website re-design, reduce the amount of manual processes for sending invoices and recieving payments -- leaving them more time to dedicate towards other aspects of their business.

  • Ability to Sell Digital Downloads
  • Different Shipping Rates for Wholesale Customers
  • Responsive Web Re-Design
  • Create Invoices that are Payable Online
  • Integrate into their Merchant Account (save $$ in processing)
  • Allow for different variations of products (wholesale, digital, etc..) that's managed by one listing. No duplicates.

e-Commerce Solution

We went over possible e-commerce solutions and how those solutions might look in the long run.  We narrowed it down to using WooCommerce or Shopify. 

Keeping their goals and budget in mind, we decided WooCommerce would be the best solution for what we’re trying to accomplish.


The Solution

Wanting to get something off for them to look at as quick as possible to start making decision, I took their product database and restructured it to import into WooCommerce.  This gave us real data to use as I built out a prototype of the site - giving us something to see right away.



A color pallete was created to help refresh and re-brand their new site:





For the homepage, we wanted to drive customers to a couple of key areas:

Wholesale Purchases

Drive wholesalers to sign up and start making wholesale purchases.

Digital Patterns

Let people know that they’re now able to purchase digital items without having to pay shipping costs and get their items instantly.

Newsletter Signups

To start growing their list of contacts to be able to focus on their email marketing.

Wholesale Ordering

For the wholesale section, we needed the ability to:

Streamline the Ordering Process

We need to be able to give customers the ability to order multiple items quickly on one page, but also give them the ability to view the full product listing.

Search for Specific Patterns

With a lot of patterns offered, wholesale customers should have the ability to search patterns offered to them at wholesale without leaving the ordering form.

Have No Duplicate Listings

To make it easier to manage, the same product should be used both on the wholesale side and consumer side - no duplicate listings.  The price and shipping should be the only thing that differs.

Digital Quilt Patterns

Customers must have the option to download digital patterns:

This is just a Start

There's more to be done.  This will be a continual process.  Here are some of the next steps:

A/B Testing

Once launched. We will need to perform different A/B Tests to see what works and what doesn't.

Performance & Security

We will need to analyze performance when pushed live and make updates as needed for security.


We will need to analyze how product descriptions are ranking and adjust them to help with organic searches.